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GAIL was formed in 2013 by a group of school principals, who shared the same educational philosophy. Initially, they met annually to discuss new ideas in innovative learning. One of the earliest ideas was to start an annual student conference. Student exchanges and staff research projects also began. The initial few schools have now grown to eight. It is GAIL’s desire to remain as a close-knit group of schools from a geographically and culturally wide range of countries.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted GAIL’s normal calendar of international events, GAIL student leaders co-created an online community, GAIL Connect. This online, social platform allows GAIL schools to secure the ability to remain connected, even where barriers to face-to-face connection exist.

Upcoming EVENTS

Summer at Woodstock  May 2024 

Peru GAIL Conference July 2024

AUS GAIL Conference 2025!

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Until Peru, GAIL, Conference 2024
"What has been great has been the growing sense that we are onto something very special. Our size, the culture and relationship developing between us has meant that we sincerely grow and change. Our schools are better, more focused, more innovative and more attractive as a result."
Dr. John Newton
GAIL Head alumni
“GAIL is an amazing opportunity for teachers to build a global network of international friends and fellow teachers. Through GAIL we are able to share ideas and challenges with fellow teachers from all across the world, which opens up a world of resources, knowledge, collaboration, exchange, fellowship and support for teachers. It is a great benefit and comfort to know that the solution to challenges you might face as a teacher is just an email or skype call away.”
Frieda de Bruyn
GAIL Champion alumni
"Each workshop gave me the opportunity to understand and respect the ideas and cultures of the other delegates. Similarly, each school’s cultural activity allowed me to immerse myself in the different cultures. Throughout the week, we all started to realize that despite our different religions, races, backgrounds, beliefs, and even accents, we are not all that different. We became really close as a diverse community to tackle many different ethical dilemmas and worked together to discover more about ourselves."
Kyra Russman0Araya
GAIL Student alumni
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